Tiram Bowl is proudly brought to you by the reputable Grand Esteem Sdn Bhd in line with its philosophy of providing communities with a memorable and enjoyable entertainment experience. Established in August 2012, Tiram Bowl embodies Grand Esteem’s mission in providing quality services at affordable prices.

One of Malaysia’s favorite pastimes, bowling is an entertaining sport that is enjoyed by both amateurs and professionals. Tiram Bowl is a family-friendly entertainment centre with an enjoyable atmosphere where everyone has fun. We believe in promoting bowling as a healthy and entertaining hobby that forges bonds and builds friendships.


Revamped and rebranded in 2015, Tiram Bowl took entertainment to the next level by being the first bowling alley in Johor to introduce the glow- in-the- dark bowling experience. The glow-in- the-dark alleys are available during the weekends, offering an incredible cosmic and captivating atmosphere for an added sense of fun.

Whether you’re looking just to bowl a couple games by yourself, an outing with friends and family or you want to join a bowling league, Tiram Bowl is the place to be.


* subject to change without prior notice

Tiram Bowl Price Table
Mon, Wed & Thursday 10am to 5pm NORMAL RM 4.50
Mon, Wed & Thursday 5pm to 12am NORMAL RM 5.50
Tuesday 10am to 5pm NORMAL RM 3.50
Tuesday 5pm to 12am NORMAL RM 4.00
Friday & Sunday 10am to 5pm NORMAL RM 6.00
Friday & Sunday 5pm to 12am NORMAL RM 7.00
Saturday 10am to 7pm NORMAL RM 6.00
Saturday 7pm to 1am GLOW IN THE DARK RM 7.00
Public Holiday 10am to 5pm NORMAL RM 6.00
Public Holiday 5pm to 12am NORMAL RM 7.00


Have you run out of ideas on how and where to hold a fun-filled and interesting event? Why not hold an exclusive event at Tiram Bowl where great event packages are available for parties, group events, corporate functions, fundraising and more!

Eating well is essential for a great day out. Tiram Bowl offers quality food and beverages so you can enjoy food and fun all at the same place. Furthermore, we can accommodate to the unique needs of your event.

We encourage schools and charity organizations to bring their events over and have no qualms in sponsoring extra curriculum activities for schools too. Just give us a call and let us have a conversation on how we can create an unforgettable evening.

We Bowl. We Glow. We Party!

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